A Disruptive Urine Drug Test: the whole truth about a patients drug use

ClaroLabs provides better, more complete, testing for drugs of abuse – delivering information faster than the competition.  Now up and running as a CLIA, COLA lab with CAP proficiency started, they are out targeting sales.  Accurate, Reliable  & Timely testing that you can trust.

ClaroLabs:  https://www.clarolabs.com/

– Detects drug use with a 2-3 week retrospective view
– Nearly eliminates cheating
– Provides Quantitative positive results for ~160 compounds rather than a go/nogo indication
– At a flat fee that beats the competition – for more tests/information in a single panel
= Allows counselors to have “Life Changing Discussions”

Layne Los, CEO has successfully raised capital, found a facility, brought in equipment and personnel, obtained Medicare billing authorization, and is now adding clients. 

Claro is targeting $50 M in sales in 3-5 years, and has examples of similar companies existing for 1.5-3 x revenue.

If you are interested or have referrals, please reach out to Layne at (720)749-2815

   Laye Los, Claro Labs CEO, tTAp Catalyst              Mike Silvon, Claro Labs Advisor, tTAp Catalyst

Claro Laboratories at it’s tTAp initiation in a screening workshop

Using a propriety software and technique Claro Scientific has developed a means to efficiently and broadly test for the presence and use of drugs of abuse, and pain control. They are seeking to rapidly expanding their business outside of the current setting.

Technology Presenter: Jose Melendez MD, MBA, CEO

Accelerator-Commercial Catalysts: Michael Silvon, Layne Los, Amy Williams

Defined Milestone: Build a team that can spin the technology out of Colorado University

Targeted Completion: 6 months