Become a tTAp company.

Establishing your technology faster and more effectively

TECHNOLOGY COMPANY FOUNDERS Innovators, Experts and Wizards are a special group who have identified how a technology can solve a problem, and want to impact patient health, care-givers functionality, or the healthcare system.  Frequently, they live and breath in the healthcare environment or working with novel technologies.  Most importantly, they have found ways to demonstrate the fundamentals of how their technology might help.

  • SBIR funded research programs
  • Health care providers of all types
  • Unsatisfied or untreatable patients
  • Garage based lab mavericks
  • Academics with great labs
  • R&D corporate retirees
  • Manufacturing mavens
  • Early stage start up firms
  • …with or without funding OR revenue.
  • …all with some validation of functionality.

These are experts who love what they do and would love to see their solution and/or technology really help the world

– recognizing there are experts who might get them there faster by adding complementary skill sets, or at least simply more focused hours towards a common goal.


The tTAp program helps you by working with you to find out the quickest way to:

  • Progress towards commercial sales growth or investor commitment with a committed support structure
  • Trial out additional partners by working with them
    • Senior Level Executive Catalysts with Experience in Investment and Commercialization
    • Future Strategic Partner, co-Founder, CEO, CMO, COO, Lawyer, Accountant, etc.
  • Use time efficiently by executing work each and every step of the way:
    • Even in the application process, your team will garner a day of senior level advisement focused at tangible work
    • Get valuable feedback, coaching — from a broad range of commercial experts connected to your customers, and investors
  • Demonstrate to Investors that you are committed, have the right support, and can execute
  • Transform your science based business forward faster towards the end goal of helping patients profitably

All exact things that investors want you to show them — they might even be working right there with you.

During the application review and screening workshop you will formally present your ideas,  get feedback from experts,  work in a small group on a selected component of your business,  review the findings,  learn something from an outside expert,  and prepare for the next steps that are right for you (be it investor presentation, product design, regulatory review, sales strategy etc.).


Resulting Performance and Traction