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Patents Shahnam is a Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC) professional and advises clients on FDA regulatory matters, marketing and advertising strategies for drug, food and dietary supplement products.  He has experience in preparing and prosecuting U.S. and international patent applications in a wide range of technologies, including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, biotechnology, medical diagnostic and cosmetic products and nanotechnology. Shahnam has prosecuted more than 1,000 patent applications nationally and internationally.   Before Fox Rothschild, Shahnam was a Patent Examiner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where he managed an extensive portfolio including pharmaceutical and diagnostic compounds and compositions.   Shahnam is a licensed pharmacist in Maryland.

Shahnam is a tTAp trainer:  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CONSIDERATIONS FOR EARLY STAGE Life Science COMPANIES, and available for a 30 minute consult to tTAp companies at any stage

  • Basics of Patents and Patent Strategy
  • How to procure a patent – and the importance of patent prosecution
  • The Life Cycle of an invention: when to patent, and how to extend its life

Link:   http://www.foxrothschild.com/shahnam-sharareh-pharmd-rac/

Contact: ssharareh@foxrothschild.com

Confidential and Secure web portal Service ShareVault’s secure document sharing solution gives life sciences organizations the confidence to simply and securely share sensitive documents with third parties during fundraising, partnering & licensing, board communication, regulatory, CRO/CMO and M&A processes.   Compared to consumer-grade solutions, ShareVault virtual data rooms offer many features that give you control and document intelligence with the highest level of document-protection and monitoring available.

ShareVault is the recognized leader in Life Sciences:

  • Used by 44 of the top 45 largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Chosen by  BIO & 40+ other associations for their member savings programs
  • The only secure document sharing system with life science-specific capabilities

tTAp uses ShareVault to organize and communicate sensitive documents to the tTAp team and investors for portfolio companies

Link:  www.sharevault.com

Contact: Steve Joseph <sjoseph@sharevault.com>

Selected Partner companies we have found to have services suitable for developing innovation

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Web and Design Services Advanta Advertising, LLC understands the needs of your startup company and offers packages and payment plans to fit your budgetary needs, your vision for your brand, and communication goals. We speak your language throughout the lifecycle of your startup, from preclinical through approval stages, giving you the competitive edge, while shortening your brand development process. Our packages help you develop an overall brand and communications strategy to attract investors, generate conversation among your peers, and draw attention to your research, pipeline, or potential products.

At Advanta, we value the work you do to help feed, fuel, and heal the world. Building better brands — it’s in our DNA.

Link: http://www.advantadna.com/seedling-stage-packages/
Contact: Stephanie (skuhla@advantadna.com)

Medical Device Prototype Development and Design Design Solutions, Inc.Design Solutions, Inc. is a Medical Device Engineering and Product Development firm providing a complete range of medical device and instrumentation product development services from initial proof-of-concept to detailed design for manufacturability.  Areas of expertise include electrical and mechanical engineering, software design for real-time embedded microprocessors and intuitive user interfaces, integration of wireless technology into medical products, cybersecurity, verification testing, and support for regulatory compliance.  Design Solutions was founded in 1998 and is an ISO 13485-compliant design firm.

Link: http://design-solutions.com/
News-worthy announcement:  http://design-solutions.com/index.php/about/news/103-congratulations-jim-smith-maa-annual-meeting
Contact: Greg (greg.schultz@design-solutions.com)

Financial Accounting Setup & Book Keeping Coordination  Don J. Carroll Jr., CPA:   Don is a CPA who works with early-stage companies to set up their accounting and governance structures such that they are easy to update and are compliant with (i) grant, investor requirements and (ii) the reporting required in the process of going public.  He faciliates training of early-stage companies’ internal accounting staff and/or coordinating companies’ accounting with outsourced accounting services, and acts as a consulting Financial Executive Accountat as needed.   He also advises start-up companies in best-business practices and in internal controls over financial reporting in anticiipation of audits by independent accountants.  He is a tTAp trainer in the area of financial governance responsibilities, and has actively connected to support companies through the tTAp workshop process.

Contact:  Donald J. Carroll Jr. <donaldjcarrolljr@aol.com>
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