Investors and Customers want Solutions that Deliver Results


tTAp moves Strong Medical Science into the Investment and Commercial Arena:
finding the science, building the team, directing efforts to improve patient care profitably



  • Unique Science Based Innovation
  • Patient and Healthcare Focused
  • Proven Customer Interest
  • Profitably Structured


  • Committed
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Experienced
  • Passionate about Healthcare


  • Working Together
  • Setting Measurable Goals
  • Achieving and Announcing Results
  • Executing Progress


Investors, Strategic Partners, and Customers need to see your:

  • Unique idea that solves a significant problem, is directed at a profitable return
  • Goal directed initiatives delivered within budget and timing – reducing risk for their involvement
  • Cross functional team working together

All components of a succinct and compelling story that can be delivered the first time, and then expanded on with the supporting details.


tTAp provides investors qualified companies with executive management teams and scrubbed financials, focused on delivering improved healthcare, and profitable returns for all involved.

  • Investors will and want to fund qualified companies;
  • Strategic Partners are looking for growth opportunities;
  • Customers want solutions.

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