Executive Catalysts are Business Commercialization* Experts

Executive Catalysts are people you want on your team.   Their talent and experience has already been proven by the millions if not billions of dollars of sales in products that are impacting the market today, or the size of their deal sheets.   Typically, these catalysts have VP level experience from top firms, have had success in growing and leading an innovative firm by raising significant investment, or have successfully launched a new product or technology. They frequently wear many caps depending on the venue and the audience, so we refer to them all as catalysts – agents that decrease the amount of energy required to be successful. These Investors, CEO, COOs, CMO, CFOs, Consultants – these catalysts – are those who have been there and done it before, and are back looking to be engaged in the process to do it again.

  • “Early” Retirees – who have the time they can contribute at risk
  • “Consultants” – bringing regulatory, product design, clinical testing, legal, financial, human skill management experience and advice
  • Interested Individuals  –  passionate about the life science industry
  • Investors – come in all roles and forms interested in passive advisory roles to active management

*Commercialization means someone pays for your technology.


Working Together to Build Value and Decrease Risk

Executive Catalysts are a core value to the tTAp process.   They bring:

  • Expertise in complementary, experienced areas
  • Connections to Industry, Investors, and Customers
  • Management skills
  • Committed help – even in the screening and selection process
  • Their personal interest and passion to help more patients and caregivers

Executive catalysts work with each company on a one to one or one to two basis during the review and prioritization portion of the application, to help each company identify and select core components they can improve, or ways to move forward more efficiently as a business.

When a company becomes a tTAp portfolio company, executive catalysts specifically chosen for their compatibility and their value add for that company, agree to work together focused on the companies needs in a focused customized process, typically six to twenty-four months.  Typically the focus is a financial infusion from grants, investors, strategic partners or customers.