A tTAp workshop is a place to build and grow collaboratively and a screening process for the tTAp accelerator. The work done that day in addition to the screening will include executive recommendations on next steps, one-one coaching, and a written and video compilation of the day’s efforts and results.  There are no obligations set by attending a workshop or applying.


Application:  An application contains four parts: Survey, Application Fee, Interview, and Workshop.


1.  Complete company background information survey via this link: Review Workshop Survey


2. Submit your Application Fee. This includes participation at one tTAp Screening and Review Workshop.


      • Detailed instructions on participation and benefits will be sent out on receipt of payment.
      • By participating in a screening workshop, you authorizes us to use your logo and image in either photo or video format on this site and in our promotional material
      • and, to hold tTAp, and participants harmless for any advice you subsequently take and execute derived from the tTAp.
      • The standard workshop in the application process is non-confidential. If you wish to apply for an in-depth accelerated, confidential screening workshop with aligned advisers at the enrollment level – please contact us directly for approval (choedemaker@techacceleration.us).

3. An interview will be coordination on review of the survey and application fee.


4. Invitation and coordination to a tTAp Screening and Review Workshop date will be provided on review of the application information.

We try to respond to all applications within 72 hours, and will coordinate workshop attendance during the interview.

Frequently Asked Details:

      • If you are not invited for a screening and review date, the fee is 100% refundable.
      • If you have been referred by a sponsor organization, please have your contact there send an e-mail to choedemaker@techacceleration.us indicating its support of your registration. We will then provide you an $100 refunded on receipt of the e-mail and confirmation.
      • We will try to accommodate changes within reason, and will work with you to reschedule if undue circumstance arise.   This is at the sole discretion and decision of the tTAp.  Changes requested within one week of the screening and review date will not be rescheduled or refunded.
      • Workshop fees cover the first two participants from a company. Each additional attendee must be separately registered for a nominal fee.
      • Please inquire directly to choedemaker@techacceleration.us for additional details or questions.

note to Catalysts: You can either register for workshops either as an additional attendee here, or on the Catalyst page.

These are the proposed screening workshops dates
Applications Due Workshop Date Location
January 2 January 9 ILSA
Feb 22 March 6 Rowan
March 20 April 3 NJHA
May 15 May 29  CCIT
Sept 3 Sept 10 or 17
Oct 26 Nov 6  CCIT
Nov 28 Dec 11  Berkley Life Science