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Featuring INNOVATION: Driving us all to succeed:

  • tTAp companies are committed, willing to state their next steps live, and act towards real milestones
  • In the Application Review and Prioritization Workshops they worked in executive teams: selecting, and working together towards a selected milestone, as a part of the application process.
  • This milestone based team work is a cornerstone for selection into the more formal tTAp Portfolio, and Business Building Process, but all who participate are part of the tTAp community

Portfolio and Partnership Companies:


Public Announcements of tTAp participating companies:


Aquarius acquired by Matinas BioPharma after Matinas raised approximately $20M

Aquarius Biotechnologies participated in the tTAp partnering with three potential CEOs. In the tTAp process they were advised to focus on their lead compounds, and subsequently received an NIH grant to more their lead compound forward. They worked with one of them to develop and improve their messaging and presentation. Aquarius BioPharma’s lead compounds are now Matinas BioParmas’ lead compounds. See Aquarius in action at the tTAp


Wellesley Pharmaceuticals ~ $1M Raise

At the tTAp Wellesley revised their message and strategy to reach investors. Strengthening the delivery of their clinical potential of their compound combination, Wellesley partnered with a number of catalysts who help them connect with potential partners in Europe and the US. See Wellesley in action at the tTAp



Endomedix partnered with a catalyst with extensive experience in the hemostatic sealant market place at the tTAp. See Endomedics in action at the tTAp

– Endomedix selected as NIH featured at Bio 2015

– Endomedix receives a $1.5 M NIH Grant



tTAp worked with IRT, or LifeCuff as it is now known, several times over the past year+. Refining their path and their needs, the tTAp advised LifeCuff on strategies to raise funds, and suggested potential avenues for growth. tTAp sponsored LifeCuff’s participation at the NJTC Venture Fair, and worked with them to prepare for the conference. See LifeCuff in action at the tTAp.

Raised $400,000 from a single investor – LifeCuff as IRT Won NJTC Venture Fair Life Science Award


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