The tTAp targets tangible accomplishments.

Working together with each company that applies, to improve corporate efficiency in meeting financial goals of investment and/or profitable growth.

Starting with a tTAp application
the tTAp provides review, guidance and support.
  • The companies get a day of non-confidential executive review, feedback and advice and an opportunity to work with potential team members and advisers.
  • The catalysts/advisers assess each company, at its current status, providing opinions on what next action will help it de-risk their situation, and make that particular company more successful efficiently.
  • Acceptance into the portfolio is typically announced within one week following participation in the workshop
  • Companies that are not accepted, are invited to return in the future, and/or work independently with catalysts.
  • A Company can apply up to three times:
    • to match and build an advisory panel, that matches skill need and cultural fit,
    • to demonstrate new strength and developments,
    • to demonstrate a core success factor – “coachability” and ability to work as a business.
tTAp accelerator companies have many more advantages.
  • Robust working teams: Typically a tTAp team of three (3) Committed Executives working with you both in reviews, AND independently.
  • Operating under Confidentiality agreements.
  • Key objectives and goals often target funding or revenue.
  • A staged process to achieve results – enrollment, preparation and due diligence preparation, then outreach
  • Flexible but Tangible: ideally to be executed start to finish within 3-12 months, with the same set amount of commitment accordion styled as to be appropriate.
  • Ability to call upon other tTAp catalysts with specific expertise as needed in a trade in/out process
  • Customized Introductions, and Selection of Forums to present to Investors or Customers when reach outreach phase
  • tTAp and partner perks and relationships are utilized as available and appropriate.

The tTAp Accelerator process is specifically for scientifically developed medical products looking to reach commercialization, funding or the investor space more effectively. The goal is to increase a companies value, and de-risk sound technical ideas. We wrap strong science with amazing executive catalysts in a structure is designed to match the challenges and hurdles (pre-clincial trials, regulatory issues, etc.) in the life science space.