tTAp is an Accelerator for medical life science technologies. Our process is specifically to support highly scientific innovation and innovators, who desire to have their products and passions help patients, the healthcare system, and caregivers.

Navigating the commercialization or investor space, we look to drive medical innovation effectively and efficiently toward significant financial inflection points.  The first step is completion of an application survey and registration for a screening and prioritization workshop. During the workshops, innovative companies and their ideas connect with appropriate experienced commercial and investment executives.

Working together is paramount; we strive to set achievable meaningful milestones that will help each company regardless of its acceptance status.  Acceptance is driven by the work done in the workshop and the teams that come together. We like to see innovative strength, collaboration, and commitment.

tTAp technologies seek success in pursuing their passion: saving lives, improving efficiencies, making life easier, safer and healthier… profitably.

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Technology Founders +

The tTAp process
is customized
to help your ideas
help the world.

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Executive Catalysts

Experienced life-science executives who have been there and done that, and are looking to do it again.

All with significant past personal experience contributing to the success of commercialized products.

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=Investors’ Interest

tTAp strives to provide:

scientifically founded
executive team supported
focused companies
significant problems

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